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Pension & restaurant Burin - Baška, island Krk
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There's always a grain of truth in every legend. One of it is connected to our region and talks about ancient times when our lambs were transported from Krk to Rome to decorate the tables and enrich the festivities of big gourmets like Neron and Lucul. This was long before the start of tourism.

The specialties based on seafood, meals prepared by traditional recipes with a great amount of local aromatic herbs and spices. These are the main characteristics of the cooking that we offer in our restaurants.

The lamb of Krk is a renowned Croatian product, a healthy food, because the sheep live in the open air and eat various aromatic and spicy herbs.
The cheese of Krk made from the milk of those sheep is an extraordinary delicacy. You can start or end your meal with it. Ham, olives of Punat and the flat bread are inevitable products of our menus.
Scampi and fish from Kvarner Bay are well known for their nutritious quality and great taste. Made by a simple recipe with a little olive oil, they are a real deliciousness for all the lovers of good cooking.

Surlice" with lamb sauce, fish soup with polenta and home made lasagne with salted fish, fried kid with chard and broad bean are only some of the traditional meals you can find in our offer.
We want to give our guests a special feeling by various thematic dinners during which is talked about the sea and wine, or about the Glagolitic alphabet or is learned how to make the "surlice" and other traditional plates.
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Welcome to Baška...

Baška on the island Krk, CroatiaYou will be DEEPLY impressed by the wealth of unspoilt nature. Baška has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate – pleasant springs, warm summers with little rainfall, gentle autumns and windy winters.

Baška is the best known tourist resort on the island of Krk, the Adriatic’s biggest island ( 40.578 ha).

Krk’s position in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic makes it the closest island to Central Europe. Baška’s favourable location has ensured its continuous growth and prosperity, as well as a distinctive place on the tourist scene, making the town one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic.

The town is located in a gentle valley and in a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and flowering broom, with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains of Velebit and the islet of Prvić, which seem to shelter its unique 1800 m long pebbly beach, justly said to be one of the loveliest in the Adriatic.

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